Rightsize your office, so it fits to your needs

There are considerable savings to achieve when you tune your office to fit your desired ways of working, the optimal square meters, and the right terms.

2MOVE offers a meeting with no-obligation about your opportunities to Rightsize your office. Especially after the re-opening of Denmark, it is even more essential to ensure that your office is optimized. Therefore, 2MOVE offers to go through your office and lease contract with no obligations.

Rightsize calculator

Type in your information and get an indication of how much you can save on your office.

How does it work?

Check your opportunities in the Rightsize calculator
Type in your information in the contact formula, and you will get contacted by an experienced advisor
Non-binding run review of your lease contract

We mange the process from the beginning to the end – so you can focus on your core business

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Vision formation

We help you create a clear vision and insight into the full potential.

  • Demography
  • Generation mix
  • Commuting analysis
  • APVs – employee surveys
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We help you with the successful execution of your vision from the beginning to the end.

  • Negotiation of the lease contract
  • Negotiation of reestablishment costs
  • Search on the visible and invisible market
  • Space planning
  • Virtual Reality
  • Smart office tracking
  • Project Management
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We help you achieve an office that is at its optimum – not just today but in the future.

  • Continuous monitoring of the office
  • Smart office tracking
  • Data management
  • Hotline
  • Contract optimization

Type of style in your office

Try to run through the pictures below and get wiser on how what awaken your interest and productivity. What surroundings fit your office strategy and vision?

Let’s have a talk about your office?