Why not continue with the best partners? 

We take pride in seeing you all the way to the finished office 

That is why we have built a network of great partners that we trust and highly recommend.  We have worked together many times and will happily do so again. Read more about how they can help you below …

Proptech Denmark is short for Property Technology, and this is exactly what they are working towards: innovation of the real estate market using technological platforms and solutions. We support this development of the real estate market, and that is why 2MOVE is a founding member of Proptech Denmark. Follow the developments here:


Wallnut is a design studio specialised in space planning and office decor. Their work is creative and innovative and always rooted in the client's DNA. Visit Wallnut's colourful universe here:


Good Monday makes the workday more fun and easy with an office management platform that gives full control of all office-related services on one, simple site. Good Monday takes care of the office and lets you get on with your work. Read more here.


Stykka creates custom-made furniture with their 3D printer. They specialise in visualising office spaces using virtual reality, and they are leading the field of the digital office. Read more here:


Awe is the city's best sound magician. Using a 3D audio system, Awe creates sound simulations that make it possible to experience the sound of your future office, and use that to make qualified decisions about layout and decor. Read more about it here:


Ejendomstorvet is a portal that covers a large part of the real estate market. If you want to browse for offices or office hotels yourself, visit the portal here: