PropTech Podcast – The office of tomorrow is built upon data

CEO and founder Jacob Garder visited PropTech Denmark to share his thoughts on how data can help us understand people and develop tomorrow’s office. 

Despite tremendous opportunities within the technological field, the real estate industry has been accused of being conservative and old-fashioned. Together with the other members of the Proptech Denmark community, 2MOVE aims to be a part of the real estate’s future. Our 2MOVE consultants use data to understand our clients, negotiate the best contracts, and understand the market’s development.

In PropTech Denmarks weekly podcast “Where worlds Collide” Jacob Garder elaborated further on this. Jacob explained how data gives 2MOVE a deep understanding of how our clients use their offices today and underpin the advice provided by our consultants.

One example of applied data used within the office optimization process is sensors used to analyze how and when the office is being used. These can help us understand how the office can be redesigned in a smarter and more cost-efficient way. The hard data cannot stand alone. The anthropological angle is likewise essential since we are working with people, and we aim to understand them. Our consultants acquire this knowledge through workshops with employees from various teams.

We also use data-tracking to gain knowledge and insights from the industry. We use these insights to help our clients understand how the real estate market is moving, and what areas certain talents are attracted to. 2MOVE has created a digital platform where 100.000 sqm hidden office landscape in and around Copenhagen are maintained. This platform ensure that our clients are making the right decision since they know what premises are on the market now and what will be available in the future – also those who never hit the official market. If you would like to know more about this – read this.

Using data, we ensure that our clients’ office is optimized intelligently and not based on random feelings. It also provides our clients with the best premises for negotiating the lease contract, and the data is used actively when negotiation the price.

If you want to know more about how we can help your company make the smartest choice when it comes to your office, then you can read more about our rightsize concept here.