The office is an essential part of your business, both when it comes to attracting and motivating employees and increasing efficiency and saving money.


In the analysis phase, we interview management and key employees in order to determine your needs and expectations for your office. We then collaborate with you in creating a vision for your future space.

Once we have a detailed understanding of your business and your needs, we look at specific aspects such as location, layout, decor, indoor climate, growth plans, and competitive differentiation. Based on this information, we present you with options for office spaces that suit your vision.


The fine print

2MOVE reviews your current lease agreement and other contractual matters related to the office space.

We investigate your contractual obligations and your options in terms of relocation or optimisation of existing premises. If our analysis shows that the best option is to stay in your current space, then we can assist you in renegotiating the existing lease, so you can stay in the same office, but with a better agreement and updated design.

We will provide you with an overview of the financial and contractual situation and outline your strategic options.