2MOVE knows more than 600.000 sqm hidden office landscape in and around Copenhagen

Tenant-rep consultants of 2MOVE knows Copenhagen better than most people. We manage one of Denmark’s biggest off-market databases containing available offices of today and tomorrow’s offices that will never hit the official market.

“It is not unusual that the most unique and exquisite premises’ never hit the official market. We find ¼ of our clients’ offices outside of the official market by using our off-market database and brokerage network.” Andreas, tenant consultant, elaborates.

Earlier this month, our client, Nodes, could move into their new incredible office space in Nordhavn. An office is found within our off-market database. By using our network, we have succeeded in creating a database bigger than Christianshavn, consisting of unique office spaces not found within the official market.

As a 2MOVE client, you will receive all insights on these matters, meaning you will access premises before everyone else and those outside the official market. Are you interested? Call +45 29 20 90 65 if you would like to know more.